Chloe Chou :: “supermarket succulent”

perfect, and what does that mean? pink pot,
moist dirt, green leaves; factory made. how do you
produce a living thing? when you’re something so 
beautiful under supermarket lights, when you’re 
“CLEARANCE: $5 ONLY”. when you’re on the
cashier conveyor belt and then 

downstairs in the living room, extending towards the
sun. stretching, distorting, finally imperfect, finally


Chloe Chou is a high school sophomore from California! She currently serves as the Daly City Youth Poet Laureate and the South San Francisco Youth Poet-In-Residence. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Elementia, The Eunoia Review, and Sine Theta. In her free time, she enjoys making mixtapes and coding random things!