Moni Garcia :: “Our Spider Plant” and “Mother says”

Our Spider Plant

every morning             he waters the plant hanging
from the only window in the dining room
its leaves         falter towards floor

& attempt to reach the color they mimic

looking out the only window in the dining room
father ushers   winter’s sunlight in
reaches for the yellow it lyrics
to save a plant i abandoned    thought dead 

father tries to usher sunlight to his mouth
               a form of love he cannot sip

wants to save a sorrow           he abandoned dead
               & makes with his hands          a river

the love he wants to sip          tastes of loneliness                
               his sister          halved from life  /  his heart
                              he rivers into his hands
the grief he longs to break

                                                          his daughter    halved from his side
                            i forget to call him       in the piercing of day

                                            but father turns from his grief.           breaks
              into the heat of the dining room        to my plant

              where he cannot forget to call           a piercing day
a morning        where the plant hangs and thirsts
                                    through the dining room’s heat & plants
            his feet to the floor unfaltering. unleaving. until it drinks


Mother says

flor de granada


                                    tienes que seguir atendiendo

                                                                                                 a un jardín muerto

                          y qué podrá florecer              

            turns to me to ask

                                                                       qué harías si dejara a tu padre

                        no pudiera sobrevivir sin mi

                                                                                        just the image

                                                                                        she entertains

learns how to swallow            lackluster bouquets

                                                                         hallmark cards

                                                          no memory of what beloved

                                                                                                                       she presses to her neck

using only voice

                                              she maps back

                                                                           matrilineal lonelinesses

              mi tia mari          soporto los cuernos de su esposo

                                                             mi papá                pegaba mi mamá

                            mother turns again     spinning carousel                                           

cuando me vas a dar un nieto

& the man attached to it

                                            I offer instead the garden of my body

              how weeds frame overwhelming desire


                                                                         lily of the valley

                                                         leaves & petals brush each other

                                           unfurl beneath                        the sun’s lips

                                           tell me             what your spade strikes

            when you begin to dig


Moni Garcia (they/them) is a queer Latine artist and poet from Illinois. They received their MFA from Arizona State University, and have been published or forthcoming in Foglifter Journal, NOTHING HERE IS CORRECT AND IT IS DELICIOUS: A zine dedicated to the CW, Voicemail Poems, and elsewhere. They can be found on Twitter @rosapalagosa.