Guérin Asante :: “On the Other Side of Moss”

“Simple £1.25 natural cleaner removes moss
from driveways without using harsh chemicals.”


And what becomes of rain returning to crevices.
What feeds them to the amplitude of later days and suns.
How much nitrogen must then be bought to keep an oak from dying.
What, then, might be said about the names we lay about them.
Which syllables collide with them; which ones caress their green (or gray or orange).
Whether they can hear us.
How we think about what stones have been assigned to do to spite them.
If they tire of comparisons. Being addressed as lichen.
If they think they form a wall between convenience and future.
Whether they feel the world grow warmer in their shallow of their leaves.
And if this is like the last time, or the last, or the last…


Guérin Asante (he/they) is a Black, queer post-disciplinary artist and plantsperson who, when not creating, belongs to four gardens and six trees. He can be found on Instagram as @blkchmra, on Twitter as @blkchimera, or through his work at